Working of Auto Transport in 3 Steps

BJT’s guide to quick and secured shipping

We understand the love and emotions associated with your car. We understand the value. So what you need is a car transport service who is as passionate and caring as you towards your car. BJT is just that and our services are impeccable.


Get a Quote and Proceed to Book

Click here for an instant quote (with in a blink of an eye) or call or chat with our executives. You can then proceed to compare our price with that of the industry – we are sure you will find ours competitive and compelling.


We will pick up your car

Schedule the date, time and an easily accessible location for the pickup. You can release your vehicle from anywhere.


Vehicle Delivery

The tiresome wait is finally over and the time has come for you to catch up with your precious. Your trucker will prompt you before the delivery so that you can receive your precious at the rendezvous.

Are you ready with transport with BJT?

Our shipping advisors are waiting to answer your queries and concerns at 908-765-3261 . Get a Quote.